At the time being, Front-Z acts as one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of painted MDF-boards.

Front-Z is a modern and innovative family owned company build on a solid background of craftsmanship. The competencies of Front-Z come from years of experience, as Front-Z is the continuation of Linneberg Maskinsnedkeri founded by Holger Linneberg in 1989. Current CEO - the son Henrik Linneberg - is second generation at Front-Z.

Front-Z has evolved drastically since 2003, where continuous investments and a growing customer portfolio has paved the way for an expansion from 6 employees and 800m2 to the current state of approximately 60 employees and 9000m2. This enables us to have a weekly production capacity of around 40.000 units. Front-Z was in 2006 and 2007 elected as a Gazelle company due to our growth figures - figures that still are growing.