Complete ownership

In the fall of 2011, we placed the last piece of the puzzle in our strive to manage the value-creation of painted MDF-boards in-house. MDF-boards of all thicknesses are now common inventory at Front-Z, and through our Schelling saw it is now possible to take full ownership of the value-creation. This entails that Front-Z has become even more flexible and the production lead-time has been reduced. 



Front-Z has comprehensive and modern production machinery for its disposal, consisting of new CNC-machinery as well as advanced robot-technology. Our fully automated edge-painting robot is such an example; units are coated with prime colour and afterwards polished by two robots. The processed units are transported via conveyors through a drying cabinet between the two robots.
One of Front-Z’s most irreplaceable assets is the employee, which consist of state-of-the-art craftsmen who possess the critical abilities that are required to produce to perfection. We find these facts essential if we want to be able to handle the most complex tasks in satisfying ways.