Sustainability is a core value of our company and we do not intend to compromise in these matters. A common mistake is to think of sustainability as solely environmental matters, when the very definition of sustainability is:

Sustainability is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland, & Khalid, 1987).

At Front-Z we have acknowledge that sustainability is much more and works to unite the trinity of Ecology, Equity (Social Responsibility) and Economy into Front-Z.


What is the idea of producing environmental friendly products if the production processes harm employees, by exposing them of hazardous methods? - We ask. This paradox describes how we think of sustainability and the importance of proper equity initiatives.

We have formed a general politic in our company that helps us to remember our intentions:

We will always use the best products that has the lowest sustainable affects

Different initiatives are incorporated into our business to benefit sustainability. An example is how we manage scrap: Instead of discarding our wooden scrap through common waste management we transport it to a chipboard manufacturer who is able to use it in process heating, and thereby increase the utilization of our scrap.

Front-Z is always looking for alternative business opportunities. This has lead to Front-Z’s engagement in the ”Rethink Business”-project, started by Region Midt that focuses on the sustainable development in the region.